Software from the future: background rendering

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Someday background rendering will be something editors take for granted as we send multiple sequnces off to render and continue on editing without so much as a blip in performance. But then when will we go to the bathroom?

Click here for a jpeg image.

5 comments to “Software from the future: background rendering”

  1. Comment by Nathan:

    That. Is. Brilliant.

    I could totally use this – just set up a slew of things to render out from final cut overnight. However – you can sort of do this already with Compressor… but within FCP would be nice!

  2. Comment by Rich:

    Liquid, now from Avid, does background rendering now. No waiting for a Nucleo Pro plug-in.


  3. Comment by b-scene films:

    The thing is – applications like Lightwave have built in technology to do distributed rendering (Screamernet) as well as 3rd party apps to improve on that (a’la MULE). It’s not BG rendering but…

    Personally, I would be fine with a render box / farm that sits off on the side and gets tasked by AE or my NLE to generate renders and update my box with progress.

    How hard could that be?

  4. Comment by Brian:

    I think when we (hopefully) see full GPU support in FCP we’ll see background rendering.

    Oh, and that mock-up is brilliant! That’ll be a lovely day, especially now that I’m a full time editor it won’t affect my paycheck any for render times to be sped up!

  5. Comment by editblog:

    Brian makes a great point… background rendering good for staff editor, bad for freelancer!