Software from the future: watch folder

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Someday… maybe we will be able to have a special bin or “watch folder” in our non-linear editing application of choice. That special “watch folder” will watch a designated folder in the Finder of your Macintosh and whenever you add an element to that folder it will automatically be updated in the bin of your NLE app that is currently watching that folder. This would be very handy if you are constantly getting new music and graphics to add to an edit.

6 comments to “Software from the future: watch folder”

  1. Comment by Don:

    Fingers crossed! That would be awesome.

  2. Comment by Don:

    Are you hoping maybe some software programmers are watching this space and are gonna take the hints?

  3. Comment by editblog:

    I can only hope Don… that or maybe a consulting gig! What do editors really want…

  4. Comment by Philip Hodgetts:

    Actually, your wish is granted – FCP 5.1.2 or later already has the foundation for that. Apple even created a demo application:


  5. Comment by Andy:


    i posted about this very app (MovieAssembler) as pointed out by the wizened Mr Hodges on the Cow just a few days ago

  6. Comment by Andy:

    oops … Hodgetts (sorry Phil)