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That’s the message one is presented with upon trying to download the beta of Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. No biggie, I’ll just use some footage off an existing drive. I’ve been playing with the beta for a little while now, and it doesn’t feel at all like the Adobe Premiere 4.2 – 5.1 that I used many years ago. If you have an Intel Macintosh then grab the beta and give it a go. More later and further testing but so far, I like what I see.

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  1. Comment by Kyle:

    I started using Final Cut Pro 6 years ago, and had to switch to Premiere Pro last year to integrate with my company’s workflow. I had always used both PCs and Macs, so there was no gripe switching between the two OS.

    Since then, I’ve fallen in love with Premiere Pro. I won’t stop using Final Cut Pro altogether, but I find PP much more responsive, and able to combine different media types and formats on the same timeline very well. Especially with Adobe Studio CS3, the cross-software integration should be better than ever.

    Enjoy Premiere Pro! Maybe you’ll get hooked as I did…

  2. Comment by Brian:

    But I have to ask WHY Scott? In Kyle’s case, he had to switch for his work, but you don’t. I know you have After Effects yet to master, and there’s always more to learn in the tools we HAVE to use everyday. I just can’t find the time to learn a third editing platform that I have an almost zero chance of learning, but to each his own!

  3. Comment by Kyle:

    It’s not a question of “why,” but rather “why not.” I found it very easy to switch from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro, as the interfaces and tools are very similar. It’s NOT like learning After Effects, were the learning curve much steeper.

    Each software is equally capable, and each has it’s slight advantages over the other. Why not give it a try (especially since Adobe has the beta out right now; link in my blog)…as a matter of personal preference, you might just find your next favorite editing app.

  4. Comment by editblog:

    I do see Brian’s point. I guess that since I used Premiere 4.2 and 5.0 long ago I have a natural curiosity. There’s been a lot of good stuff written on Premiere Pro in the PC world…. I just wanna see what it’s like. And I have to say, the more I play, the more I like!

  5. Comment by Martin:

    Having used whatever Premiere version was around in ’97 and Premiere 6.0, as a currently PPRO 1.5 user I consider Premiere Pro and old Premiere two totally different things. (I have also worked in Final Cut as well) I stayed with Premiere because I had faith that Adobe would bring Premiere to the same level as Photoshop and After Effects. And I believe my faith has been rewarded.

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