Software from the future: live scrubbing

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Someday … software engineers might take a page from the new iMovie playbook and enable some kind of live scrubbing feature. Live scrubbing would be nice in that you wouldn’t have to click and drag to scrub around a clip loaded into a viewing window in your NLE of choice. Ideally it would have some kind of visual indicator that it is enabled:


By just moving your mouse over the enabled scrub bar you could search around without clicking and dragging. It might not seem like much but scrubbing without having to click and drag just might save some repetitive stress on your mousing hand after years of editing.

2 comments to “Software from the future: live scrubbing”

  1. Comment by Andy:

    except when you’re moving your mouse up to the menu and it brushes over the scrub bar lousing up your playhead position … guess there’d be some kind of sensitivity control to determine ho weasily it latches to the mouse movement

    …now what I would like to see up there in your prefs mock up is a popup menu next to “Always scale clips to sequence size” with options for Squeeze, Crop and Letterbox

  2. Comment by editblog:

    It’s probably no secret that this idea comes from the new iMovie 08. It seems to kinda know when you are moving the mouse vertically over a thumbnail as it doesn’t scrub quite as easily. But that other suggestion is great!