The web has no Broadcast Standards

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IFC is having a contest. This fantastic video was made to promote it. It is a classic!

Thanks to Ticklebooth for pointing to it.

4 comments to “The web has no Broadcast Standards”

  1. Comment by Nathan:

    The “break it” combined with the Avid “media offline” graphic is priceless!

  2. Comment by Casimir:

    Thanks for posting the video. It was fun to take the tools of editing and use them in a visual manner. I got a big kick out of showing the video to editors or people familiar with the avid interface.

    “Um… you’ve got some media missing.”

    I always liked how people who work in that landscape train their eye to catch flash frames, offline media, etc. There’s a rigorous attention to detail in the promo/short-form world that if adopted can inform a lot of good art making.

  3. Comment by Don:

    Very cool.

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