5 things I learned at the troubleshooting FCP class

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5 things I learned at the troubleshooting Final Cut Pro class.

- Google did a study that says after 2 years the failure of hard drives goes way up.

- Keep a little note pad next to your system and record every install/system change you make so you can more easily back-track as you troubleshoot a problem system.

- There are slow Firewire 100 and 200 protocols that some video decks use adn that can slow down your whole chain.

- Instead of running a disk defragmentation utility, copy the contents of one drive to another.

- Unplug Firewire and USB drives you aren’t using on an edit to reduce the “chatter” from the unused drives that can cause a slow-down.

2 comments to “5 things I learned at the troubleshooting FCP class”

  1. Comment by Liam Stephens:

    On that last point I have a similiar issue with my SATA RAID. If the RAID is connected and powered up but not being used FCP will freeze out for 10secs or so whilst the RAID says to FCP “Hey i’m on just checking if u would like to use me cause i’m pretty fast” Slightly annoying indeed…

  2. Comment by Jeff Greenberg:

    Hi Scott! Tomorrow, I’ll even have my notes from the talk posted.