A song, a Mac and an idea

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Shane over at Little Frog in Hi Def twittered this innovative little music video from You Tube. It’s quite a great idea. Kinda feels like a modern update to Van Halen’s Right Now or George Michael’s Praying for Time only with no message.

While I don’t know who did this, it is a young girl in the video so I posed the question on Twitter as to why all these cool, innovative You Tube clips always seem to be done by young people. Is it because they are more creative that every one else? Or is it because they have a lot more time on their hands?

UPDATE: TUAW says it was done by a filmmaker names Dennis Liu. Well done Dennis.

7 comments to “A song, a Mac and an idea”

  1. Comment by Luke:

    Looks like an ad for Leopard and “Do It Again”… not so much like a video from a kid who was simply bored. I know there is a lot of talk about making viral marketing tools so people don’t feel like they are watching advertising, but that felt like an ad. And so, I postulate, that perhaps the truth is not so much the power of making an ad not look or feel like an ad, but rather, as has always been the case, making something people want to watch and they will do so… and today they will even be able to pass it on.

    Just a hunch.


  2. Comment by J. Curtis:

    Again and Again by The Bird and the Bee : http://tinyurl.com/6xs2s8

    The actual video for this song is quite different, as if shot by vittorio storaro. http://tinyurl.com/4l4vxc

  3. Comment by editblog-admin:

    Well maybe but an ad for what? Mac OS makes the most sense but you’ve also got Microsoft, a lot of Adobe, You Tube and lots of other stuff in there. And the song is from 2006 but that doesn’t mean anything. If it is an ad then I guess they really achieved what they want…. I watched it and didn’t think about it being an ad at all! And i think it’s quite the contrary from a “bored” kid. More a kid with a good idea who has taken a lot of time to master the creative technology and put a lot of time into making the piece. No boredom at all, rather a lot of time to put into it since they don’t have a job, home or a family they have to tend to! Then again maybe it’s an ad agency who paid big bucks for it.

  4. Comment by James:

    Your comment about young people reminded me about a discussion on a few blogs about problems with young editors, not knowing the basics of offline edits, conforming, that kind of thing…
    I think that every studio should have a good mix of young and old people, in order to have both that wisdom which is very much needed, as well as the new ideas and creativity from the younger generation (not that it’s mutually exclusive).
    But yeah… amazing video.

  5. Comment by Fred:

    It reads very much like an ad. Not knowing what it selling isn’t that unusual today either.

    Emblematic of today’s media culture – slick, clever and almost completely devoid of substance.

  6. Comment by Nathan:

    It’s only a matter of weeks before this is turned into a real ad for Apple.

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