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It is with great pleasure that I can announce the Editblog is going to be moving over the ProVideo Coalition! (I just discovered the sticky feature in WordPress so I’ve moved this to the top of the front page so new visitors to the Editblog can easily get to the Editblog on PVC.)

I started the Editblog way back in 2005 (with a post about Martha Stewart’s Apprentice of all things), first on Blogger and then using WordPress on my own server. I never really wanted to administer my own deployment of WordPress but overall it has worked pretty well with only the occasional glitch (mainly because of my hosting company) that kept me up late into the night trying to figure out what was wrong. Needless to say I’ll be happy to have someone else worry about servers and databases and updating and all that kind of stuff.

I’m sure there will still be posts on this the old Editblog url from time to time to time so if you have it in your reader then please keep subscribed but also please subscribe to the NEW RSS FEED for my new channel on PVC. And I’m still writing over at the Studio Daily blog as well.

If you don’t know about or use RSS then this new Editblog on PVC feed is the perfect opportunity to start using it. What is RSS? Here’s an explanation in plain English:

You have to have an RSS reader to read your subscriptions. Web browers like Safari and Flock have them built in our you can use a dedicated reader like NetNewsWire or NewsFire on the Mac or FeedDemon on the PC. If you read on multiple computers or want a web based app then Google Reader is a favorite as well. If you have an iPhone then the RSS reader you can’t live without is Byline.

I’ve had a couple of comments from friends while discussing the move that the PVC homepage is a bit confusing. I’ve felt the same thing before but with the home page being a central hub for all the different channels it’s just that there is a lot of stuff there, ads included. PVC is basically a lot of blogs that are called channels. The channels are all listed down the left side of the page (under Channels) with a link to the channel’s homepage, links to recent articles and the RSS feed, so each channel has its own individual page and RSS feed as well as RSS feeds for news and all articles posted on the page as a whole. Put all that together on the front page with ads and featured articles and it’s a lot of content! Here’s a brief overview of the PVC homepage:

So that’s ProVideo Coalition in a nutshell. I do hope you will begin to follow the Editblog on PVC!

9 comments to “Sticky post: The Editblog is moving to PVC”

  1. Comment by Mike:

    *Sigh* All the good blogs get moved there, then get ruined.

    Every article broken up in tiny segments, to please advertisers.
    Topics forced upon by overseers.. etc.

    Well it’s been fun reading here.. I guess it’s unsubscribe time.

  2. Comment by Scott Simmons:

    Mike; I hope you will still subscribe to the blog over on PVC. I do know what you mean about the tiny segments and that annoys me too so I’m going to try not to do that as much as possible. They use a different platform from WordPress so some things do work differently. As for content and topics … I think I’ve always been one to bash as well as praise and I’ll still be doing that. I doubt an article like FCP’s horrid media management will make it onto the Apple channel but I will still write those topics. They need to be called out when bad things are encountered as well as praised when things work well! Please come along with us Mike as we are going to try to have the same content just in a different place.

  3. Comment by snailsnail:

    Well, it’s a pity to lose you to a blog that doesn’t believe in full content RSS feed, because, as much as I’d try not to, those posts tend to get lost in the river as I skim through my feeds. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog a lot :-)

  4. Comment by GPSchnyder:

    Not only the broken RSS sucks over there at PVC. You can also only post a Comment when you “sign in”. Sign in to what. I just want to say some words about the topic. It has been several times I wanted to write something but didn’t because I’m forced to give away my Data. I don’t want to wast my spare time signing up to blogs.

    That’s why I don’t comment over there. I love (some) of the Blogs, but my beloved ones that moved over all, well, don’t work as good as before.

    I’ll follow you there, as I dollow the full rss feed, but, well, will not be the same any more :-)

  5. Comment by Phillip Gibb:

    Fantastic, I enjoy your blog and PVC (since I found that Mike Curtis moved there)
    Only pity is that you loose a bit of your blog’s unique identity – but content is king right?

  6. Comment by Scott Simmons:

    More good comments … thanks for those. IT’s good to hear what people don’t like about PVC. I have missed the full RSS feeds. I guess it just trying to get eyeballs actually on the site. I can see why they want it that way but as a reader of content it is frustrating. I do know they are trying to build a real community, hence the sign up, the full names. I guess it’s a real double-edged sword huh?

  7. Comment by Jon Chappell:

    I’m not a fan of PVC either (stopped subscribing to HDForIndies once it moved there) but I enjoy your posts so I will probably subscribe somewhat grudgingly.

  8. Comment by Rob:

    PVC is a great site, I visit it daily. Thumbs down on, studio daily has too many advertisements. Love your blog Scott, but if it’s a good oppurtunity you gotta take it. good luck.

  9. Comment by uncle:

    Some valid comments here about PVC, particularly in reference to the pagination and comment system. But the comment “Topics forced upon by overseers.. etc.” is just ridiculous. If you personally knew most of the writers over at PVC, you would know that they are some of the brightest, most opinionated and passionate professionals writing in the online spectrum. The suggestion that they are cowing to advertisers is patently false and downright insulting. Air your concerns about legitimate issues, but don’t take potshots at people you clearly know nothing about.