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I am a very creative non-linear editor working with Avid applications and Apple’s Final Cut Pro. They are both great tools and I am equally comfortable and fast on either application. I jump back and forth daily and can move from one to the other with the greatest of ease. In this era of the non-linear editor being able to accomplish many tasks, I also use assortment of tools for DVD authoring, graphics creation and audio editing and mixing.

I am currently editing at the Filmworkers Club in Nashville. Check out the main website for demo reels and contact information.

12 comments to “About me”

  1. Comment by Larry Jordan:

    Scott, thanks for the shout out on Studio Daily today, that was very cool and I will remember it.


  2. Comment by Tim McCarty:

    Hi Scott! I’m a 20-year broadcast/remote production gypsy who was rescued by education. I now teach all aspects of production, including Avid to high schoolers and studio production to college students. Love your site!! I took the liberty of linking your site in my blog list. I’m shooting boxing in Beijing (beats painting houses!) and started a blog to keep family, friends and my students up to date. Game on!

  3. Comment by Jon Miles:

    Hi Scott,
    Just a note to say I’ve enjoyed your blog a lot. A Friend of my mine, Ben Howard from Buttonpusher.tv, sent me your site. It’s inspired me to take the plunge. I’m a preditor (producer, writer, editor) in tv in DC. I’m moving into podcasting, at some point if you’re interested I’d like to do an interview with you for my blog/podcast http://www.cablechow.tv. I’d set up a phone patch, or we could record a teleconference. If that’s of interest let me know, and in any case – great blog.
    Jon Miles

  4. Comment by didien:

    nice blog, you are friendly with both software (avid&fcp), i just wonder about keyboard shortcut, which one you choose to be your standart keyboard layout ( we know we can customize

  5. Comment by editblog-admin:

    Thanks didien. I actually have a kind of hybrid keyboard of both Avid and FCP. They are as closely matched between the two as i can get. It’s more Avid like than FCP since I find the keys more intuitive. I’ve got a post on that if I ever find time to finish it!

  6. Comment by Richard Squires:

    Hi Scott

    I found your blog after searching for a decent Aspect Ratio calculator.

    I am trying to get hold of it as it seems like just what I was after. Would it be possible to share it again as the links to it are broken now.

  7. Comment by Scott Simmons:

    Richard, I heard that link was broken. I’ve since moved to a new machine and don’t have it any more. I wish I did.

  8. Comment by hi Scott:

    Great site,

    Lots of links to pick up. It is always good to see creative community sharing. If you are interested in Apple Motion Tutorials please check out my website http://www.embryo.me.uk

  9. Comment by diana:

    Hi scott
    i wanted your advice for this, i’ m using an HDD camcorder to editi a 2 to 3hours video using adobe premiere element and then i need to have the entire 2 to 3 hours recording in a dvd format in less than an hour, what can i do or use to make the transfer go quicker knowing that the video is this long?

  10. Comment by Scott Simmons:

    I’m not sure I get the ? diana. Do you mean you need to edit the video and get it to DVD in an hour’s time? or you need to edit the 2 to 3 hours into ONE hour?

  11. Comment by Jessica White:

    Your blog is so informative and useful! Thanks for having it public!

  12. Comment by Peter Hamilton:


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