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Just in time for the Indy 500, my Indy video

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009


A couple of months ago I took my Canon HV20 and GT35pro lens adapter down to the Barber Motorsports Park to watch the Indy Racing League pre-season test. Just in time for tomorrow’s Indy 500 I (finally) got a little 3 minute edit of the footage that I shot. I used my 300mm zoom to try and get close to the cars. I produced an unintentional but very cool tilt-shift effect. Check out the video and discussion of the shooting and editing in a post at the Editblog on PVC.

The GT35pro lens adapter winter test over on PVC

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

As I mentioned in the first test footage to come out of my HV20 with Greg Tay’s GT35pro 35mm lens adapter, I was going to take it with me over the holidays up in Canada. I did so and got some pretty good footage. I’ve written up a full article on the test as well as the footage on Vimeo over at the Editblog’s new home at the Pro Video Coalition. I hope you’ll click over and check it out!

In the Editblog garage: GT35pro adapter

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Here at the Editblog, we recently got our hands on a great little 35mm lens adapter called the GT35pro. This adapter is created by Greg Tay in Singapore. We thought this would be a great addition to the HV20 video camera kit so we are excited to shoot some footage and test it out.

The unit we are testing out is the GT35pro Advanced. Greg offers a number of different configurations that adapt a wide range of cameras and budgets. Unlike the “high end” 35mm adapters, Greg’s adapters are priced at a different place in the market. I think it might be hard to justify $1000 + for a 35mm adapter that isn’t used in a professional shooting environment to make money. And by that I mean it’s not always easy to convince your spouse or your bank account that you need a Red Rock M2 Indie Bundle for $995 when all you want to do is shoot your dog or your kid. Are there advantages to a more expensive adapter like a Red Rock or those from Letus? Sure there are but that’s part of working on a budget, compromises. That’s where an adapter like the GT35 line can hit a sweet spot.