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Backup Day: October 2013

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013


The useless American government may very well be shut down this fine October day but the rest of us have to work so don’t forget to back up.


Linkage: August 2013

Saturday, August 17th, 2013


We missed July linkage as we were too busy editing to pull all the links together. But here’s a bigger and better August linkage for your reading pleasure.

Here is a very interesting read as to where Avid might have gone with the whole second screen and metadata stuff. If only.

And in good After Effects stuff: A video on 2D tracking with the 3D tracker. Here’s a two parter on how to make a water color wipe.  This 19 part series on scripting is intense and in-depth. And you can use AE for finishing as well.

This NLE comparison chart has quite a lot of useful info in there.

If you’ve ever had any of your films stored at DuArt in New York City then you’ll be interested in this.

You can apparently use a Media Composer 7 license to activate older versions of MC.

A good Avid to After Effect workflow can always come in handy.

Freelancer? Then read this about the cost of doing business.

Need some Avid AMA guides? This site has posted a bunch of them together.

Old new now but if you didn’t see the 7.0.1 update to Adobe Premiere Pro then get it now.

NAB was months ago but this pre-NAB panel discussion is a good one.

This story of saving a Quicktime file from an AJA Ki Pro might be of use someday.

This is a generational loss comparison between ProRes, DNxHD and Cineform. I’d like to do my own someday.

This article asks if ProRes if really the pro codec we all think it is.

Who doesn’t like free fonts that someone else is curating!?!?

This probably really is the ultimate aspect ratio guide.

Here’s some security rules for storing your data in the cloud.

There are a lot of Oscar nominated docs streaming on Netflix.

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Linkage: June 2013

Saturday, June 15th, 2013



Remember that Google Reader dies in July so get your data out now.

If you don’t use SliceX for masking in FCPX you should read this review.

These are some really good Avid Media Composer power tips.

What do those numbers on your lens mean?

Need help fixing some FCP to Premiere problems?

Here’s some nice freebies for FCPX.

It’s 55 minutes but this video about the making of The Shining is a good one for Kubrick fans.

We don’t talk about studio speakers much so here’s a blog post about them.

And from that same blog here’s a ton of good tutorials right on one page.

Apparently Adobe Premiere Pro CC will do DNxHD smart rendering.

We could talk about the new Mac Pro or you could just go here and get all the links. But they don’t have my article so here’s that one too.

Here’s an Avid keyboard exchange!!

Learn the evolution of non-linear editing.

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Linkage: May 2013

Saturday, May 18th, 2013


Tired of the rat race of this business? Then this franchise is for you.

Editors needing therapy go here.

Adobe has been discussing this whole Creative Cloud thing.

Speaking of Adobe can you have a Photoshop clone in a web browser?

So you can use Adobe Encore with the new Creative Cloud version of Premiere Pro.

Here’s some Macros with Applescript for video editing.

This is a nice read on how to start your editing business.

I learned 4 things about the After Effects render queue here.

Is Adobe Anywhere the only tool that will make you a better filmmaker? Maybe but it’s really just for enterprise and not you.

If you need a RED survival guide get it here.

If you missed the Avid Media Composer 7 demo then watch this.

Get rid of those annoying Mac OSX “open with” duplicates.

WTF?! Fix it in post.

Want some info on Sony’s F65?  Go right here.

These are some good books on film editing.

Are video test patterns really necessary?

Let Avid answer questions about the new Symphony option.

This will help understand Avid Media Composer’s EQ Tool.

These gmail tips are gold.

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Linkage: March 2013

Saturday, March 16th, 2013


NAB is almost here (so we may or may not have Linkage next month). Check out my Post|Production World sessions and the Hot Panels in you’re doing the conference. If you want some Motion and FCPX training check out these.

If you don’t know what Avid Interplay is then give this a read.

If you don’t know about the NLE Lightworks then give this a read.

What has happened to the integrity of the craft of filmmaking? … this blog post begins.

I recently reviewed PluralEyes 3. And had a discussion about its competitor WooWave.

This part 2 of a Diary of An Avid Switcher is fun not because of the content but because of the animated GIFs. It’s really not that hard.

Here’s some good music video strategies.

If you want a good overview of Baselight then give this a view.

Have you read the book about editing called Timeline? Get the digital edition for even more.

This is a funny Easter egg … though you’d have to be on an Avid DS to see it.

Adobe is ending boxed software it seems. Big downloads for all!

Moviola: A Modernist Editing Aesthetic.

Yep, there is a book for learning Adobe SpeedGrade.

mocha Pro can remove your tracking markers.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us why VFX houses lose money on big movies.

This site has some really neat interactive keyboard guides that seem to work on a desktop browser.

Sorenson and Sony are apparently partnering up on some stuff.

Goodbye Seagate 7200 RPM 2.5 inch drives.

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That one is a must read but it’s long so give yourself some time to get through it and digest it.






Linkage: February 2013

Saturday, February 16th, 2013



If Resolve is your thing then these workflows might help.

If good enough is your thing then give this a read.

If production is your thing then read this so maybe we won’t have to fix it later.

If vectors are your thing then you might be interested in the idea of a vector based video codec.

If Thunderbolt is your thing then this late 2012 update is worth watching.

If copyright infringement is your thing then this little **ahem** dust-up in the Final Cut Pro X plugin world is worth a read. The alleged infringer also has a new FCPX iPad controller app I went hands-on with.

If Avid is your thing then this open letter to the new CEO is worth your time.

If the failing vfx business is your thing then these reads might help understand what is happening.

If THX in home audio is your thing then this iOS app might come in handy.

If Adobe Premiere is your thing then this “multi matte transition” might be useful.

If Nashville is your thing then this location magazine article will definitely be of interest. And if Nashville isn’t your thing then maybe see what the New York Times says about us.

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Love it.


Linkage: January 2013

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Are my editing and post predictions for the new year really that cynical?

For 2013 we should all resolve to be creative.

That AJA T-Tap looks pretty cool if you have Thunderbolt. Or these two Thunderbolt devices might help for I/O.

Want to go offline to online with 4K?

So After Effects turned 20.

The DIT Dilemma is a good read.We’ll see how much of it really comes true.

Would you like to learn some Premiere Pro shortcuts on your iPhone?

Avid has posted the great Bad Robot webcast.

Did you get your 4K presets for Adobe Media Encoder?

Here’s some production budget numbers for ABC’s Nashville television show.

iMovie isn’t the only cheap little video editor for the Mac.

Here’s some good DVD extras for editors.

So, they say 3D is dead.

Django editor Editor Fred Raskin discussed cutting the film.

Here’s a pdf of an article about editing at Pixar. I keep trying to send it Instapaper and it doesn’t work!  ;-)

Here’s another pdf with a lot of command for the Avid Media Composer Console. Powerful stuff but be careful.

The best nature pics of 2012 says it all.

Did you know Netflix encodes a movie something like 120 ways? I wonder if they really do use FCPX in the process.

Is this the best movie commentary track ever? Paul Thomas Anderson says so.

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Linkage: December 2012

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Classic FCP is the NLE that wouldn’t die.

This is a ProRes test worth checking out.

Here’s an expansive post about editing in the big 3 NLEs.

Adobe listed their top feature requests for After Effects in 2012.

Read about Canadian editor turned James Bond director John Glen.

If you’re using Premiere Pro, Quicktime and Nikon cameras then Adobe posted to help you out.

If you wonder about LUTs here’s a good read.

Is there power in hiding complexity?

This Google spreadsheet has a ton of Adobe After Effects ray-traced CUDA performance comparisons.

Variety magazine is talking about the editors of this year’s films.

I hadn’t really thought anything about the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo teaser until I read this.

You can try a public beta of Boris Continuum Complete for FCPX if you want.

You can pre-order your REDRAY player now.

USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt on the same drive with a cable included?

This is a nice interview with the editor of Argo.

It would seem video on the internet helped kill the radio star.

Did I link to this new podcast The Track Matte Moment before? I can’t remember.

If you’d like to watch the story of GoPro then watch this.

What’s that? A video essay on constructive editing?

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Linkage: November 2012

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Avid has a great PDF whitepaper on digital cinema workflows.

Talking Post is a great new post production podcast.

More good stuff about being an editor mom.

This is an eye opening article about audio sync and DSLRs.

There’s academic pricing now for the great Baselight plugins.

Here’s a free Adobe After Effects CS6 keyboard shortcut guide.

Is there really gonna be a new Thunderbolt chassis shipping soon?

Saturday Night Live is using Adobe CS6 for fast turnaround.

Standing at a desk is a good thing.

Here’s a great article on After Effects techniques for editors.

Was there ever any doubt that RED’s new MEIZLER Module would support ProRes? Nope. Dig in for talk of ProRes 4444.

If you need workflows for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera then this might help.

Many people have never heard Stanley Kubrick speak.

Why the programmer behind the GoPro Protune update always shoots ProTune. Speaking of GoPro the HERO3 launch event was a lot of fun. And if you want the scoop on GoPro’s new frame mount then watch this.

There was a recent update on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera shipping delays.

Don’t for get about all those Adobe Media Encoder CS6 presets that are available for download. Adobe also has some cool tech that might some day help with editing interview.

The poll in this article says FCPX is the future of non-linear editing.

If you need some Firewire workarounds then read this.

More discussion of Apple moving away from towers for pro.

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Linkage: October 2012

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Adobe has clarified exactly where they stand on Cinema DNG.

If you’re an editor with a family then this is a great read.

If you’re using Autodesk Smoke for Mac 2013 then here’s a survey for you.

Did you know you could opt out of Apple’s iAds targeting you?

Premiere Pro can do “smart rendering” and Adobe wrote an article about it.

Avid had a webinar about AVX connectivity to Media Composer and some tools that use it.

There’s some good info in this article on using DNxHD and ProRes.

Avid Media Access is morphing into Avid Media Authoring.

Blend modes are an important thing for editors to use and know about.

Here’s a nice discussion on workflow while editing a documentary project.

This 48 year old woman edits porn and Forbes has an article about her.

These 10 TED talks for filmmakers are a good watch.

Histograms are all around us. Here’s how to read them.

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